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Network Name:SynIRC
IRCD Version:Unreal3.2.10.6
Last users:3,705
Last mibbit users:67
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Last updated:2018-05-21 02:31:13

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- 10/2/2017 1:48 - This is the short MOTD. To view the complete MOTD type /motd - - Welcome to - Available ports: 6660-6669 - SSL ports: 80, 443, 6697, 7001 - - Server Admin: namreeb <> - - DISCLAIMER: - - will scan your IP for open proxies upon connection to our - services. You must be 18 or older to connect and chat on our services, or - have parental consent. and its affiliates are not responsible - for any bodily or mental harm that could possibly come from using its - services. is not responsible for any data received or sent - out to our clients. By connecting, you consent to have logging of your - conversations done by other clients and are also bound to the rules and - regulations that can be found at -